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CCTV Lowestoft : Systems & Installations

CCTV Systems

CDS-KAS Limited offer many different CCTV packages ranging from Home Installations to Bespoke Business Systems. We cover all aspects including remote access, mobile apps and infrared viewing. We also offer and install HD (High Definition) cameras capable of distinguishing number plates. Our cameras use ethernet cabling for both the video and the power, so no power is required at the camera site/mounting. If you would like to know more or would like a quote please contact us with your basic requirements and we can advise you further.

Home CCTV installation Service Lowestoft

These systems range from 1 Camera upwards depending on how much of your property you wish to protect.

Business CCTV installation Service Lowestoft

We install CCTV from an Office up to Warehouses right through to Storage Yards, due to each business being different we will come to your site for free and overview your premises giving you the best service we can offer.

Bespoke CCTV installation Service Lowestoft

We have installed CCTV on a number of sites, some of which require bespoke equipment, for example mounting the camera to a pole and cementing into the ground, digging a ground trench to enable cables to be secured from thieves or vandals over long distances.

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